Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 : Preview (Live Stream) ‘Battle of the Bastards’

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End of Ramsay Bolton?

Millions of fans all over the globe are literally holding their breath for the next episode of season six. According to Kit Harington (Jon Snow), this will be the biggest battle on the show. What makes this fight so special? First of all, the fate of Winterfell as well as of the North will be decided by this battle. Secondly, the Starks need to get back to Winterfell because only they can unite the northern houses, and a united North is necessary for the battle against deads. Finally, wildings will be able to settle inside the wall under Jon’s protection if they could win. Former lord commander of the castle black was successful at convincing them about this. Besides this, not a single soul is fond of Ramsay Bolton.

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Date: Sunday, June 20th 2016
Start Time: 9 pm ET
Episode: Battle of the Bastards
Season number: 6
Episode number:9
TV Channel: HBO
Previous episode: No One

He has given lots of reasons to get brutally slaughter by any northern people. But fans can still remember how much this fantasy show is good at breaking hearts. No one expected to see Jon lying in his blood at the end of last season. So, unexpected twists are quite expected here. To be very thorough, the death of Ramsay Bolton may be very much desired but not entirely ensured.

Trailer of episode 9 has exposed something not very much pleasant for the fans. Sign of distress was clearly seen on Jon’s face, and the Bolton army looks quite organized where wildings appeared in their natural. House Stark is not in a stable position where Bolton army outnumbers them. With the death of Blackfish getting help from House Tully has gone completely. Boltons can thank the Kingslayer for this.

Besides that, Ramsay poses excellent battle tactics. Maybe they are not honorable or fair, but he won in all of them. Stannis Baratheon was defeated by him mercilessly. Ramsay did not hesitate a bit to kill his father to secure his position which also reflects his aggressiveness, and he has a crucial hostage, Reckon Stark. So, he can feel confident about the battle. The only hope here is Littlefinger. But, will Sansa ask him for help where she refused him earlier very offensively, or he comes all by himself?

A different wind is blowing at King’s Landing. Cersei Lannister continues to get disappointed by her second son. Her chances with ‘trial by combat’ is doomed now. All of her plans now tied with Qyburn. If she wants to burn the Great Sept of Baelor to the ground, he will be her only help.

Training is over. A girl can get back wherever she likes, and that girl chooses to be Arya Stark. How fascinating is it hear and watch? Yes, Arya is coming back to Winterfell. But what is waiting for her there? Corpses of brothers or few living family members?

Finally, Meereen has got its Queen back, and she came just at the right moment. Tyrion’s diplomatic solutions were not enough to save the city for a long time. As a consequence, former masters attacks the city from their ship. But, do they have enough forces to defeat the unsullied with their beloved mother of the dragon back?  Answers will come on the next Sunday.