Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 : Preview (Live Stream) “No One”

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Faith-militant faces ‘The Mountain’


After watching the trailer of episode 8 one can go, “Well, not sure about the winter but battles are coming for sure.” It looks like High Sparrows diplomatic strategies are not completely resistive against violence. Consequences of humiliating the fiercest and greediest person of King’s landing will be violent and bloody, anyone could predict that after watching the end of season 5. On the coming episode, Cersei Lannister will have her revenge cycle started.


She had ‘Mountain’ beside her as her bodyguard and it is already known to the fans what kind of mindless Monster he has become. He obeys every command of Cersei like a machine. On the earlier episode, fans got to see Mountain crushing a man’s head like an egg. There is no doubt about that he can do the same with those faith militants. But will he be the same against multiple opponents? Lancel Lannister seems very strong willed against his one-time concubine but how long will it stay when Cersei chooses Violence?

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Date: Sunday, June 12th 2016
Start Time: 9 pm ET
Episode: No One
Season number: 6
Episode number: 6
TV Channel: HBO
Previous episode: The Broken Man

Outside of King’s landing, Jaime is trying to win over Riverrun. He is definitely not having a good time there. For him, Blackfishes are not easy to catch. Even Brienne shows up but she not quite the friend to Jaime now. She only listens to Sansa Stark. So, will she help Jaime? Well, at least she tried according to the trailer and failed to persuade blackfishes to yield.

Arya was stabbed brutally on the last episode. But apparently the fans did not go mad like they were when Jon Snow got stabbed.  Fans know that she is getting trained there at Braavos. Maybe it was just another test for her. Well, trailer of episode 8 has already confirmed that she is not dead and seen to take a big leap from some roof. Will she be able to survive this one?

Did anyone miss the Hound? Who knows? Well, he has come back, on the last episode. Certainly, his death wasn’t confirmed. But it looks like violence will never be very far from him. The person who saved The Hound, got brutally killed along with all of his other friends. From the long experience of blood shedding, Hound smelled earlier that his friends were in great danger. He was even preparing for the fight but couldn’t save them finally. Who will be slaughtered by the axe of the Hound now?

Daenerys may come back to Meereen with her dragon. Now, she is completely free. Her dragon seems in good condition to fly at her will. So, there is no reason she should stick to the land of Dothraki’s. Question is, what will be the Imp’s prize when the mother of dragon returns to Meereen? Tyrion Lannister proved himself worthy of his as place as her trustworthy advisor. He also discovered his way with those other two dragons and kept the Meereen safe from civil war. This episode ‘NO ONE’ is coming on the next Sunday.