Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 : Preview (Live Stream) “The Broken Man”

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Make no mistake, the dead are coming.

The trailer of episode 7 themes many things that are about to happen in the world of Game of thrones. According to Ser Davos’s opinion, “The real war is between the living and the dead, and make no mistake, the dead are coming.” Well, it was not hard to predict that the biggest war would be against the dead. All the broken pieces are getting together or on their way to get restored.

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Date: Sunday, May 28th 2016
Start Time: 9 pm ET
Episode: Blood of My Blood
Season number: 6
Episode number: 6
TV Channel: HBO
Previous episode: Blood of My Blood


Wildings, a fierce tribe that had been seriously misunderstood by those northern for centuries. Certainly, the beloved lord commander Jon snow has successfully built a bridge with them and now, it looks like they are going to respect this relationship with everything. According to the preview of episode seven, Tormund Giantsbane is trying his best to get the wildings in the fight with the Boltons. He said to them that wildings mustn’t stay still at the time of Jon snow’s need.

The big surprise in Kings Landing? Maybe not. Ambitious man, the High Sparrow seems to be very well strategic from the beginning. He knew it very well his dream to over through an empire will take everything. Well, he has played his part very smartly. As Jaime Lannister was not at all happy with the incident with Cersei, a bloody fight was quite inevitable. Jaime and Cersei together convinced the house Tyrell to help them fight the so-called faith militant and their leader.


The Tyrell house had nowhere to go but to accept this offer because two of their offspring was in the dungeon of High Sparrow and one of them was to face the same consequence to get free from sins. But all of them was disgusted as hell watching their stupid king Tommen getting manipulated by their enemy. Especially, Jaime Lannister. All the time after getting back to Kings landing he wanted to punish High sparrow.


Not just he was stopped from doing that, he was also sent away from Cersei to confront blackfish. Margaery Tyrell was spared from the walk of shame, king Tommen was happy and High sparrow won the fight with the power of diplomacy. But how long will it last? Will Cersei Lannister let it go so easily?


Finally, the audience got to see Benjen Stark on the screen. The long lost brother of Eddard Stark came just at the right moment to rescue his nephew Bran. He had a great way to kill all those dead followers of white walkers. He shared how he survived the white walkers and came back. After Hodor’s death, it looks like Bran will be safer now with his uncle hanging with him.


On the other side of the narrow sea, the mother of the dragon is preparing for her battle to get on the Iron throne. Truly, she is a leader and conqueror. She used her charisma properly and cleverly. Now, all the ferocious Dothraki tribe will follow her anywhere. Now, the coming episodes will reveal her accomplishment with those immense power.