Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 : Preview (Live Stream) ‘The Winds of Winter’

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When the winter will come?

The last episode of season six, Battle of the Bustards, explains why this show is so much popular now. Every single second of that was absolutely breathtaking. Well, this is not entirely new. But this episode has succeeded to get the maximum attraction. The fight scene was astounding and outstanding from many points of view. Small screen viewer doesn’t get to enjoy such show very often. Still, it may be a little sad for the millions of fans all over the globe that next episode ‘Winds of Winter’ will be the last one of season six.

Date: Sunday, June 26th 2016
Start Time: 9 pm ET
Episode: The Winds of Winter
Season number: 6
Episode number:10
TV Channel: HBO
Previous episode: Battle of the Bastards

The death of Ramsay Bolton was both satisfying and horrible to the fans. While his pet mastiffs were tearing his limbs, Sansa didn’t miss watch. Indeed, revenge is always a sweet feeling. Team Stark has last Rickon and many other friends at the fight, but they have rescued Winterfell. Arya can come back to home now. But, does winning winterfell make them Starks safe? Yes a little, but not completely. Winterfell has been in the state of insurgency since beheading of Ned Stark in Kings Landing. So as long as the Lannisters in the charge of Iron throne this fight will never end. Besides, Sansa is still considered as the murderer of Joffrey in Kings Landing. So, the Starks can enjoy for now, but they have to be careful.

Fans believe they would be able to know the truth about Jon Snow’s mother at the finale. Chances are getting thicker with Bran’s vision journey that may be Jon is not Ned’s bastard son. It is confirmed that Lyanna Stark died giving birth of Raegar Targaryen’s son, and Ned knew all this. Does the baby become Jon snow lately? Did Ned Stark lie about Jon’s identity?

It is true that without the help of Petyr Baelish defeating the Bolton was not possible for the Starks. But his support is not completely gallant. He is a highly ambitious man and desired Sansa for a long time. Maybe in return for his favor, Littlefinger can ask her hand for marriage.

A different wind is blowing in kings landing now. The high sparrow has cornered Cersei with his strategies. She doesn’t have any friend but Qyburn in Westeros and Jaime is quite away from her in the Riverrun. Surely, she is not one of them to let go of her insults. So what will be her move? Many predict that she will destroy the Great Sept of Baelor with wildfire explosion.

Masters of Meereen savored the dragon fire, and the fans got to see them dragons in proper action. Well, Daenerys Targaryen wanted for a long time to sail for Westeros with her army. Now, she had 100 ships given by Yara Greyjoy. Wisely, she also did not destroy all those ships of the masters. Tyrion seems quite close to her in the trailer. What will she do now? Next Sunday it will be answered.