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We actually provide biggest events like a sports news, match updates, reviews, results, links of official websites etc. for the sake of visitor facility. We are the way of connecting those sponsors and the viewers. While connecting with our site some users may put their personal data intentionally. In this case, we will use these information when we need. Some other information like user IP address, browser, browser cookies, reference site, and number of clicks, date, and time of visiting site will also be collected to analysis behavior or users.

Our site will contain Google Ads as per Google AdSense policy. Any ad that is appeared on our site is the third party property. We are not liable of any content of ads. You can review the Google AdSense rules to know details.

To skip all the information related hassle you can disable your browser cookies feature. Please search on Google and know some details on how to disable cookies for site and also for browsers. It’s all about your enjoyment.